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Blunt kitchen knives? Dull cutting tools? Don’t waste time with a whetstone kit! Just 3 swipes with Suction Cup Whetstone highly efficient knife blade sharpener make old knives cut like brand new - in seconds. IDEAL FOR chef’s knife, butcher knife, hunting knife and more...

Delivers precision edge in 2 seconds - NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! Multi-Functional multi-blade sharpening tool makes knife sharpening AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3 - Simply calibrate the point, the tip, and add a precision edge to your knife. Really! Try it, you’ll see, it’s THAT easy.

Safe & Efortless – NON-SLIP SUCTION BASE: Nonelectric knife sharpener with sleek, ergonomic SAFETY handle, non-slip rubber base and patent top side suction pad provides SUPERIOR stability and sharpening power, without risk of slipping, sliding or jabbing.

Official SafeSharpener™ – SmartAssistor

Fits in small spaces - Don’t let its compact size fool you! It makes easy work of sharpening all kinds of blades then tucks neatly away in a small kitchen drawer.

Fast and convenient
Suitable for most knives, such as chef knives, butcher knives, hunting knives etc..

High-quality and durable materials
Although the imitations are similar, they all have steel blades that will stop working after some time.

The tungsten carbide blade has unlimited resistance usability.

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